I found SpeedyPrep and have researched it to find out whether it's a good study resource.  I have signed up for their free trail and have asked other experienced cleppers what they thought.  The results?

What is SpeedyPrep?

From everything I've seen, SP is pretty cool.  It's very sleek and very modern.  It covers a lot of exams and the assessment process is very thorough.  They definitely don't want anyone to take the test unprepared.  

The way SP works is like this:  You choose a test to study for and then you pick which subject areas of that test you want to go over.  The questions they ask are usually fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice.  You do your best to answer, read the explanations provided, and then move onto the next question.  

After you finish a set, you get to see the results and see how much progress you've made in the course.  Once you get to 90% of the way through, SP offers a 100% money back guarantee on their services for up to four months of study time if you fail to pass the actual CLEP.  That's how confident they are!  

Compared to InstantCert:  SP and InstantCert are very similar services and you might want to choose one over the other.  I suggest you enroll in both but financially that's not an option for everyone.  

Pros:  SP looks nicer than InstantCert and you can feel more comfortable using them because of how sleekly programmed it is.  The progress bar helps you to judge your readiness.  That 100% money back guarantee is also really nice.  If you buy a full year's worth of SP, it costs half as much as InstantCert which has a small six month discount.  Overall, the SP flashcards are better and easier to use than InstantCert's first version of flashcards.

Cons:  SP does not have the sense of community that you get with InstantCert's forum (which includes detailed info from other testers on the various CLEP tests).  Also, on the flashcards for some of the ones that InstantCert provides, they have upgraded to v2.0.  If you mistype or use a different form or a similar name, v2.0 InstantCert allows you to count it as correct according to your own judgment, something that SP does not allow.  One month at a time costs about $5 more than InstantCert.  InstantCert also offers study material for DSST exams which SP does not.

What tests is it available for?

SpeedyPrep is available for the following CLEP tests:  

American Government

American Literature

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature


College Algebra

College Composition

College Mathematics

English Literature

Human Growth and Development


Information Systems and Computer Applications

Introductory Business Law

Introductory Psychology

Introductory Sociology

Natural Sciences

Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Management

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Microeconomics


U.S. History I

U.S. History II

Western Civilization I

Western Civilization II

How much does it cost?

SpeedyPrep costs $24.95 for one month, $19.95 per month if you buy six months, and $9.95 per month if you buy for twelve months.  

You can sign up for a one hour long free trial to see if this is something that you want to invest in.  After the trial expires you'll soon get an e-mail with a coupon code that you can use to save even more money.  

Overall, SP is a great resource for CLEP test study.  In an article that I found, the owner claimed that 99% of students who finish the course, pass the CLEP tests and that SP has helped thousands pass CLEP's.  SpeedyPrep has a good track record and a powerful guarantee.  

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