Petersons Practice CLEP Exams

Petersons practice CLEP exams are the best CLEP practice tests out on the market right now.  There are three available for almost every CLEP test and they are my #1 recommended CLEP study resource.  

What are the Petersons tests?

Just like in teams sports, the best way to prepare for a CLEP test is scrimmaging and putting your skills up against something else to see how you match up.  If you score high, you know you're ready.  If you score low, then you know in which areas you need to practice and study.  

Whenever Petersons offers practice tests for a CLEP subject, they always offer three in a bundle.  As you study, you can keep track of how much better you are getting and how much you are learning.  (My personal suspicion is that they make the last one of the three the hardest so that only confident cleppers go on to take the test.)  

These are my favorite CLEP practice tests out there and I recommended them highly to everyone everywhere taking any and every CLEP test (for which there are Petersons provided).  In fact, I love them so much that they are the most highly recommended study tool on any CLEP.  Any test that they don't provide practice tests for makes me very nervous.  (Honestly, I just about swear by these tests.)  

One pattern I have observed is that these practice tests are generally more difficult than the actual CLEP tests (at least for me).  My statistics have a few unaccounted for spaces but from what I do have, for 12 out of 20, I scored higher on the CLEP test than on any of the Peterson's practice tests.  One of my results was exactly equal and for 4 I scored lower on the CLEP.  The other three are unknown or unaccounted for.  That's a pretty good track record.  

The four CLEP scores that were less than my practice scores were American Government (by 9 on the CLEP scoring system), College Algebra (by 3), Introductory Sociology (by 5), and Principles of Management (by 2).   

Check out the CLEP Study Plan I created to learn how I used Peterson's Practice CLEP Exams to their full potential in my studying process.  Just about anytime that I refer to a practice exam/test on that page, it's pointed at the Petersons tests.

What tests are they available for? 

The following tests are available as Peterson's practice tests (and I have put a * by the ones that I used to successfully pass the CLEP):  

American Literature *

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

English Composition *

English Literature *

Humanities *

French Language

German Language

Spanish Language

American Government *

Human Growth and Development

Introduction to Educational Psychology


Principles of Macroeconomics *

Principles of Microeconomics *

Introductory Psychology *

Introductory Sociology *

Social Sciences and History *

History of the U.S. I *

History of the U.S. II *

Western Civ I *

Western Civ II *


College Algebra *

College Mathematics *

Biology *


Natural Sciences

Information Systems and Computer Applications *

Principles of Management *

Financial Accounting 

Introductory Business Law

Principles of Marketing *

How much do they cost?

Peterson's practice tests cost $19.95 at their website.  That $19.95 will buy you three of these amazing full-length practice tests to work with.  They include answers and explanations of each question.  

If you are military affiliated (active duty, reserves, dependent, retired, contractor, etc.), you can access completely free Peterson's practice tests for CLEP's, DSST's, the GRE, the SAT, the ACT, and more.  Just call your local testing center to find the information on how to obtain that.  If that doesn't work just go to the Contact Us page and ask me, letting me know that you are indeed military. 

Like I said earlier, these are awesome!  You've really got to try them.  They will change the way you take CLEP tests. 

Also, in case, you're wondering, I'm not paid a dime to advertise for these practice tests.  This is all completely honest enthusiasm.  

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